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Jonell Whitt - Why Jonell PR

Acting? Me? Never.  

I'll tell you a secret.  When I was in the Air Force and even when I was an IT Project Manager... no!  Especially, when I was an IT Project Manager, the LAST thing on earth I thought I would ever do is ACTING.  But, as the saying goes, "Never say never."  Since being bitten by the acting bug, I want nothing more than to be a part of telling timeless stories about the human experience.  It could be one of two things, 1) an accident or 2) divine intervention.  Either way, I'm thankful for this journey.  I feel so blessed to have found this path.  Come to think of it, the only things I like more than acting are probably ice cream (in moderation) and puppy dogs (not in moderation).  Um... ok and maybe wine.  So, as I seek harmony amidst my many hats - the Veteran hat, the dog-mom-extraordinaire hat, the grocery-store-wine-connoisseur hat, the George Washington University MBA student hat, and the actress hat (among others), I anxiously await the next opportunity to move and be moved by the next great story.  Can't wait to hear from you, I hope we work together soon!  Until then, kiss a puppy, thank a Veteran, pop a bottle and enjoy the ride. 

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